1Where is the exact location?
The Culinary Queens event will be held in the Rose-Hulman Field House.
2Do I have electricity?
Electricity will be limited. Be sure to email us at fsaculinaryqueens@gmail.com with any of your requests.
3How much room do I have to work with? Table dimensions?
2 cooks will share an 8-foot table. Therefore, each cook will have 4 feet to work with.
4Can I decorate my space?:
You can do whatever you like with your area. However, we do ask that no company logos or signage be displayed in respect of our event sponsors.
5What time do I need to arrive on Saturday?
Cooks may arrive between 3:00pm – 5:00pm on Saturday night. Allow plenty of time to unload your car. We need all cooks in the building prior to 5:00pm.
6Will I have help unloading?
Yes, our committee has arranged for volunteers to help with the unloading process and clearing dishes throughout the evening.
7Will there be food provided to the chefs?
We understand that it’s hard to get away from your chef station to get a drink and a bite to eat. Therefore, bar service will open at 5:00pm exclusively for our cooks. Please do not carry in your own beverages. The committee will also provide pizzas in the staging area for the cooks to eat before the big event.
8How do I buy a table or extra tickets?
You may order additional tickets on the culinaryqueens.com website or by emailing fsaculinaryqueens@gmail.com.
9Can I prepare my food there?
Please bring your food already prepared.
10What utensils should I bring?
Please bring all utensils needed to serve your dish. (serving spoons, pot holders, cooler, crock pot, etc.)
11What utensils will be available if needed?
Chafing pan & sterno (to keep your food warm) – Be sure to request a chafing pan on your online registration form. Basic plates and utensils will be provided for the attendees. If would like to plate individual servings at your station, you must provide your own plates or appropriate serving dish.
12What do I wear?
Dress the part if you like! There is a little bit of everything.
13What is the serving time for the event?
7:00pm-8:00pm. You must man your station during this serving time.
14What is the itinerary for the event?:
6:00pm – Cocktails 7:00pm – Dinner starts promptly 8:15pm – Program/Auction
15How much food do I make?
Make 20-25 servings. One full serving can be cut into approximately 4 sample servings (approx 2 oz). You will only be serving samples to each guest. Making that amount should give you approximately 80 – 100 samples.
16Can I bring an assistant?
Yes, you may bring one assistant to help you out at your chef station.
17What if I run out of food?
That’s a good thing! It must have been delicious! You will be provided with a “sold out” sign and are free to enjoy the rest of the evening.
18What do I do with leftovers?:
You may take home leftovers or leave it in disposable containers. We will be working with a local charity to pickup leftover food at the end of the evening.
19Will there be friendly competition between cooks?
We will have fund raising competitions before and during the event. All donations will go to the FSA Counseling Center. Pre-event fundraising is allowed to kick-start your fund raising! COMING SOON! Encourage your friends, family and co-workers to use the online tipping website.
20What time do I start closing up?:
At 8:00pm we will begin to tear down the chef tables.
21Have another question?
For now, email all your questions to fsaculinaryqueens@gmail.com. We will respond quickly to your questions. A phone number will be provided at a later date. We will also have a chef meeting to go over all the details as we get closer to the event date.